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Childbirth complications and consequences of medical neglect

When you learn that you're pregnant, it is natural to feel happy and nervous at the same time. Especially if this is your first child, you may wonder what type of parent you'll be and whether or not you'll be able to meet all your child's needs. Other experienced Texas parents might encourage you by saying you will know what's best for you child, and your love and support is all he or she needs to thrive.

It's a lovely sentiment but only partially true. For instance, during pregnancy, labor and delivery, your child also needs proper medical care. You have a right to reasonably expect that your midwife or obstetrician is closely observing your and your baby's conditions, and is ready to make split-second decisions, if necessary, to keep you and your baby as safe as possible. Sadly, that's not always the case, as made evident by thousands of birth injuries in this state and others, every year.

Most doctors make sure to check vital signs

Every time you visit your midwife or obstetrician during pregnancy, he or she should make sure your vital signs are checked. So much can be learned about your health and your baby's through simple tests that measure blood pressure, your temperature and even your weight. If your doctor doesn't do a vital sign check, it warrants inquiry. You have a right to know why your doctor or midwife failed to perform this basic prenatal examination. 

Complications that can signify underlying, serious issues

There are any number of complications that can arise while you're pregnant or during labor and delivery. If you have high blood pressure or gestational diabetes, for instance, it puts you and your baby in a high-risk category. Pre-term labor and pre-eclampsia are also troubling factors that may mean you or your child are at risk.

What if a doctor disregards the signs?

Your doctor has a fiduciary duty to keep you informed about your and your baby's health when he or she examines you. It is also imperative that an obstetrician or midwife take action if you or your child shows any signs of ill health or trauma during pregnancy or childbirth. If a licensed medical professional is negligent in his or her duties, you or your child could easily suffer serious injury.

If that happens

Many mothers and infants suffer injuries in situations that were easily preventable were it not for medical negligence. Many birth injuries result in partial or full, permanent disabilities. The physical suffering often intensifies due to serious, emotional trauma in such incidents. Texas law allows medical negligence victims to seek full recovery for their losses in court. Parents may act on behalf of an injured child.

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