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How do brachial plexus injuries in newborns occur?

Expectant parents in Texas are typically very excited about the prospect of having a new baby. When birth injuries compromise the life and well-being of infants, these parents deserve answers. They need to know how the injury occurred. They need to know who is at fault for the injury. Perhaps most importantly, they need to know what they can do to improve the life of their baby going forward.

How financial compensation helps babies born with birth defects

Two words that no Texas parent ever wants to hear are "birth defects." The power of these two simple words is devastating. They can destroy the dream of having a normal, healthy family and they can result in catastrophic financial hardships to name just two consequences.

When preventable birth trauma leads to cerebral palsy

Just the natural yet traumatic process of being born can lead to health problems or even injuries in newborn babies. When the medical team responds appropriately, many of these conditions resolve safely and quickly. However, an improper medical response to trauma or even a mistake on the part of the birthing team could result in lifelong consequences for the infant.

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