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Three birth injuries caused by medical malpractice

In the majority of births, the doctor and the rest of the delivery team take all the proper precautions to preserve the health of the infant and the mother. Unfortunately, there are some cases in which medical malpractice results in birth injuries. While it is extremely difficult for parents to think about their newborn suffering such harm, it is important to do so for your baby's wellbeing.

There are many ways an infant can suffer preventable harm during labor and delivery. If you are expecting a baby or if you suspect that your newborn might have suffered a preventable birth injury, it is wise to educate yourself about this uncomfortable topic. A good way to start is by learning about some of the most common birth injuries. Below you will find three examples.

Cerebral palsy: This often-preventable condition can occur for several reasons. These include lack of enough oxygen to the infant's brain, anesthesia mistakes and the negligent use of forceps or other tools.

Shoulder dystocia: If the infant's shoulders get stuck inside the birth canal after the head is delivered, it could lead to dystocia. This could cause injuries such as nerve damage, broken bones and poor oxygen saturation to the brain.

Erb's palsy: This preventable type of palsy can be minor. However, in severe cases, it may cause paralysis in the infant and the need for one or more surgical procedures. Doctors can prevent Erb's palsy by monitoring the pregnancy closely.

Unfortunately, many birth injuries cannot be reversed. However, Texas parents can hold the responsible medical personnel accountable for their actions when a preventable injury does occur. It is wise to speak with an attorney experienced in handling this type of case if you believe your baby suffered a preventable birth injury.

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