Helping Families Recover From Delivery Trauma

Delivery trauma, or birth trauma, is a blanket term for injuries a newborn sustains during labor and delivery. A variety of things can cause birth trauma, from improper monitoring to mistakes in the birthing process. The most common injuries affect the baby's head, neck and shoulders, all of which can have serious complications.

The Talaska Law Firm is here to help. We have worked on birth injury cases in Texas for over 20 years, building a nationally recognized practice in the field. We use our experience and network of respected experts to fight for your child's future.

How Does Birth Trauma Happen?

Injuries during delivery usually occur during especially long or difficult labor, especially if the baby gets stuck in the birth canal. Doctors sometimes use forceps or vacuums to try to pull the baby out, but if these instruments are not used properly injuries can result. The other concern is oxygen deprivation; if the baby gets stuck, the umbilical cord gets pinched or other complications occur due to which the baby could lose oxygen and develop cerebral palsy or other issues.

In many cases, these injuries can be avoided with proper monitoring by medical professionals. Keeping close watch of ultrasounds, electronic fetal monitors and the mother's health leading up to delivery can prevent many of the most common delivery traumas. When doctors or nurses fail to properly monitor or act according to the standard of care, and your baby is injured as a result, that is when you need a skilled birth injury lawyer on your side.

Providing Compassionate Birth Injury Guidance

The Talaska Law Firm is focused on helping families recover from birth traumas. Our aim is to turn a situation of darkness into a situation of hope. We understand that these situations are stressful and that you may have a lot of unanswered questions: How will we provide continued care? How will we pay for it?

Our nationally recognized attorneys are here to answer these questions and more. We can take your case in any direction it needs to go, whether it be settlement negotiations or all the way to trial.

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