The Importance Of Prenatal Care

Attentive prenatal care is essential to preserving the health of both mother and baby. Families rely on health care professionals to recognize potential complications and treat them as they arise. When this doesn't happen, serious injury can result.

If your doctor missed an important diagnosis, The Talaska Law Firm can help. Our dedicated, experienced birth injury lawyers work with medical professionals across Texas and the nation to help prove that our clients — and their babies — deserved better care.

Recognizing The Signs Of Pre-Eclampsia

Pre-eclampsia is a complication that can arise after the 20th week of pregnancy, marked by a sudden rise in blood pressure. It can lead to organ failure, seizures, stroke and sometimes death.

According to a study by the Preeclampsia Foundation, pre-eclampsia and other hypertensive disorders are the leading cause of illness and death for mothers and babies worldwide. It can typically be detected during blood pressure checks at regular prenatal appointments, and there are several risk factors doctors can watch for, including:

  • The mother being under 20 or over 40 years old
  • Multiple fetuses
  • History of high blood pressure, migraines or diabetes
  • Family history

If detected early, pre-eclampsia can be addressed with medications to prevent seizures and lower blood pressure, but the most effective "treatment" is delivering the baby.

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