Ensuring Doctors Provide The Right Treatment

When a child faces challenges on their very first day out in the world, we expect doctors to use every available option to help. Decisions must be made quickly, and failure to provide the right treatment can have lasting consequences for the child.

If your child experienced a brain injury due to a mistake by a medical professional, we can help. At The Talaska Law Firm in Houston, Texas, our attorneys have been committed to representing clients in birth injury cases for more than 20 years. We have the skills and network of expert witnesses to take on complex cases so you can focus on your child's care.

How Does Hypothermia Treatment Help Babies?

When a baby's brain doesn't get enough oxygen, their brain cells begin to break down in a chain reaction that can be difficult to halt. Hypothermia therapy, also called "brain cooling," involves cooling the baby's brain or body to lower than normal temperatures (about 91 degrees Fahrenheit). This temporarily slows down metabolism and prevents the domino effect of damaged brain cells, giving the brain time to recover. Therapy typically lasts for 72 hours and must begin within six hours of birth in order to be effective.

Hypothermia therapy is the only available treatment for hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), a serious brain injury caused by oxygen deprivation at birth. Most larger hospitals have hypothermia therapy equipment in their NICUs; smaller hospitals without these capabilities will often immediately transfer newborns who need this treatment to another medical facility.

Errors In Hypothermia Therapy

The most common error made in this area is failing to administer hypothermia treatment when it is needed. Negligence can be found if a doctor fails to recognize signs of oxygen deprivation such as limpness, abnormal reflexes and seizures, or by failing to inform parents that hypothermia therapy is a treatment option.

Babies undergoing hypothermic cooling treatment also have to be monitored closely to ensure their respiration, heart rate and brain activity remain stable. Errors in monitoring, as well as delay in starting treatment, can also be a cause for negligence claim.

Securing Care For Your Child

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