It is with great sadness we must inform you that Robert "Bob" J. Talaska, the founder of The Talaska Law Firm, passed away on Sunday, March 31, 2019. We ask that your thoughts and prayers be with his family during this difficult time.

Medical mistakes happen every day during childbirth. These tragic errors can lead to babies sustaining a brain injury which will impact them the rest of their life. Parent's questions and concerns about what happened and what it means for their baby often go unanswered. It is challenging for parents to comprehend not only what happened to their baby, but it is equally challenging comprehending what the future holds. Realizing the potential severity and permanency of their child's injury, the most often asked question is who will care for my baby when we the parents no longer can?

For over 20 years, these questions and challenges have been answered for many families by The Talaska Law Firm. By limiting their practice to this one very important and special type of case, The Talaska Law Firm has gained the expertise to successfully guide families through the lawsuit process. Robert J. Talaska, the founder of the firm, has exclusively represented families of children with preventable birth injuries including hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and resulting cerebral palsy for over 30 years. Very few firms or attorneys in the country have any where near that amount of experience in these highly technical and challenging cases.

By helping families by providing financial compensation that will meet the child's lifelong needs which can cost millions of dollars, The Talaska Law Firm has been able to help families by turning a situation of darkness into one of hope.

The Talaska Law Firm in Houston, Texas, is a nationally recognized law firm that helps children who were negligently injured during birth and their families get answers and obtain financial compensation for the complications and injuries caused by negligent doctors, nurses, mid-wives, hospital personnel and other health care professionals. Throughout Texas and nationwide, parents whose children have been seriously injured due to medical malpractice turn to us for the most experienced and highest level of legal representation these children and their families deserve.